It's been nearly 2 years since I updated this thing, no idea who's left on LJ from back in the day but I feel the need to have some output again, even if it's just a little space in the world where I can be completely self centered if I need to be and its ok...

I can't believe the last time I wrote in this I was still 18 and in shock about starting Uni. Now I've almost finished my 2nd year and living by myself... Wow...

I think I'm going to write more later when I feel more coherant (ie tomorrow) I do solemnly hope everyone I used to be in contact with is ok (if anyone even remembers me!!) Have I missed anything?

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Got kinda tired with all my melodrama on this account so as of today I'm using: haveacoffee

Please add if you wish to. I promise it will be a more upbeat version of inspire, same loveable (slightly) Sara :D

Adeu and farewell Inspire!
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This idea is shamelessly stolen from makesometime as a way of providing an introduction to me. Whether a new or old friend, enjoy reading. Will be interested to known if you think I'm bullshitting tremendously or not ;)

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